LZW31-SN Association Sync LED Bar

I setup an association between an lzw31-sn and 2x lzw42s. The association was very slow with groups 2 and 4 setup. Once i added group 3 it was much better. The switch and bulbs are all with 5 feet of each other. Is this the expected behaviour?

Second question. Is it possible to sync the led bar with dimming? Currently it stays at 100% regardless of dimming.

Parameters are below:

Name Type Value
debugEnable boolean
disableLocal enum 1
disableRemote enum 1
enableDefaultLocalChild boolean
enableDefaultZWaveChild boolean
enableDisableLocalChild boolean
enableDisableRemoteChild boolean
infoEnable boolean
parameter1 number 2
parameter10 number
parameter11 number
parameter12 number
parameter13 enum
parameter13custom number
parameter14 enum
parameter15 enum
parameter16-1a enum
parameter16-1b enum
parameter16-1c enum
parameter16-1d enum
parameter16-2a enum
parameter16-2b enum
parameter16-2c enum
parameter16-2d enum
parameter16-3a enum
parameter16-3b enum
parameter16-3c enum
parameter16-3d enum
parameter16-4a enum
parameter16-4b enum
parameter16-4c enum
parameter16-4d enum
parameter16-5a enum
parameter16-5b enum
parameter16-5c enum
parameter16-5d enum
parameter17 enum
parameter18 number
parameter19 number
parameter2 number 2
parameter20 number
parameter21 enum 1
parameter22 enum 0
parameter3 number
parameter4 number
parameter5 number
parameter51 enum 0
parameter52 enum 1
parameter6 number
parameter7 enum
parameter8 number
parameter9 number

@EricM_Inovelli I see you just pushed out new DH for child led. Will this fix my issue? I can test in a few hours.

They should sync, so I think it’s an association issue. Take a look at this thread. @kelchm has syncing working fine.

So I need to setup an association in both directions? Switch and bulbs and then also bulbs to switch? The other documentation i saw did not list that

I’ve yet managed to get this to work. I only have half the rule as well so I’ll be interested to hear if that’s the missing piece.

@harjms I tried to setup the reverse association but it failed every time with a network error.