LZW31-SN: Can't exclude or factory reset after 1.57 update

Hey all, I just updated 3 of my LZW31-SN (Red Series Dimmer) devices from 1.47 to 1.57. I’m now trying to move them to a different controller, but I’ve discovered that the config button isn’t working as its supposed to. On all three devices, holding the config button down 20s (or 30s, or >60s) doesn’t do anything.

On one of them, I was able to exclude via pressing config 3x, which resulted in a factory reset (after which, holding config works as expected).

On the other two devices, pressing config 3 times to include/exclude doesn’t do anything. Pressing 8 times to enable/disable local protection doesn’t do anything. And pulling the air gap to reset them doesn’t fix this behavior. Interestingly enough, the devices still communicate with Home Assistant just fine - all scenes are sent, even the config button scene!

Anyone know how to recover from this? I don’t know of any way to reset or exclude that doesn’t require the use of the config button.


If you have SILabs PC Controller, you could try an exclude there. If for some reason HA is getting in the way of an exclude and the config button is actually working fine otherwise, this may remedy it.

It’s the config button itself that wasn’t behaving as expected. I played with them some more and discovered that having local protection enabled seems to disable the ability to put the switch in exclusion mode via pressing config 3x. So I was able to turn off local protection, then I could exclude the switches. Don’t know what I would have done if my controller wasn’t available - I suspect these would have become bricks.

As for doing factory resets on these devices, I’m noticing that after being included on a network, holding the config button seems to do nothing. But if I exclude the devices, holding config works as expected. Something seems buggy with this firmware. I guess I’ll try 1.61 and see if anything gets better. :man_shrugging:

Yep, with local protection enabled also protects the config button except for reenabling local protectiion. But you reported that you had done the 8x press and that didn’t work. Apparently that started working at some point. Did you have to do anything else or did restoring local control just finally work?

I disabled local protection via my zwave controller, not via the config button.

I just went to all three devices and verified that behavior is as you describe: with local protection enabled, holding the config button doesn’t do anything. But inclusion/exclusion still works (Config 3x) as well as local protection toggle (Config 8x).

I can’t explain why they were in the state they were in before. But seemingly, after a number of factory resets, and forcefully overwriting config values, they are working as expected now.

Also, since applying 1.61 to one of my devices, it’s far less chattier on the zwave network, so that’s a plus!