LZW31-SN Compatible with Zooz Momentary In-Wall Switch ZAC99?

Anyone running one of these yet? For the price, can’t help but go for a few to replace my “dumb” N-way’s.

How exactly are you going to use these? They have to mate with a dimmer module. Add $35 - $50 or so for a dimmer module and that’s not exactly cheap . . .

I was intending to use them as the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. positions when wired back to a Red Dimmer, then set the dimmer for momentary. Already have red switches in line boxes set as “dumb”.

Was just thinking I would replace toggle with momentary.

Edit: I see the confusion from original post. All N-ways already have red dimmers installed and are controlling the load.

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I’m not sure, but I get the impression this is a physical momentary. Would be interesting to see if that works with an Inovelli. I’m not sure what the Aux does in terms of signalling as opposed to this device.

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These are physical momentary switches. I’m using a couple of these with a Fibaro Dimmer 2, with two in physical locations and only the fibaro in the cramped box with the load (no momentary or anything there, just a blanking panel). I have both momentary switches connected to “sw1” on the fibaro module.

I wish I could fit something like the red dimmer in that location, but the box is so dang tiny with so much crammed in there, that it just doesn’t work. Thought of using a box extender, but that ended up looking too damn clunky, and didn’t even solve the problem anyways!

I know can also be used with some but not all Zooz dimmers (the ZEN27 is a notable exception, much to my dismay). I think the difference on the Zooz stuff was how the device is actually constructed, whether it can make use of a momentary “modified” 3-way setup. Hopefully the Inovelli Red line can handle momentary switches for N-way configurations.

If the Red dimmer could slim down a bit, I could maybe rid myself of that Fibaro :grin:

If you have the depth in the cavity you could cut that box out and substitute a deep old work box.