LZW31-SN "default level" children allowing value of 100

Just an observation that caused me a little bit of grief today.

When enabling the child devices (in this case, “default level”), the child devices allow you to set the value to 100.

When you do this however, while it appears to take it doesn’t actually change the values at all. The following is reflected in the log:

Kitchen 2: ConfigurationReport(configurationValue:[50], parameterNumber:9, size:1)
Kitchen 2: childSetLevel(05-ep9, 100)

When you try to set the value to 100 via the actual device however, it informs you the value must be 0-99.

Seeing how the children are using the default drivers which you can’t easily customize the level max in, a possible suggestion would be to modify the submitted value if 100 to 99 before submitting the zwave commands.

Either that or consider this post a note to others who run across the same issue :smiley: