LZW31-SN | Dimmer - Red Series (Gen 2) firmware v1.61

I have this switch updated to 1.45.bin and 1.61.ota firmware.
Switch is setup with three LED lights. I still experience switch completely dying when load goes to 90 + percent.
This was an issue with firmware while back and here you folks said that was a bug and it was fixed with new firmware updates.
It seems that is not the case!
Please let me know what can be done …

2-way, 3-way, etc?
Neutral or non-neutral?
Brand and model of bulbs?
Define “completely dying”. Does the switch reboot, power off, etc? How do you recover from it?
Have you swapped in another switch to see if the same thing occurs?


Sorry about that!
single pole switch, no neutral, three LED lights
hykolity 6 Inch Smart Wi-Fi Ultra Slim LED Recessed Lighting, RGBW Color Changing Tunable White LED Downlight with Junction Box, 14w=100w, 1200lm

i am running this with HA and Z-Wave JS UI
Now the lights and switch are working… but simply if I do not setup max dim to 90 when it hits 99 switch looses a power trips and it is dead. Not mostly dead, dead. I need to trip the fuse for switch to get back power. And yes all the switches that I bought from you and that was 10 or more have a same issues regardless of neutral wire. Most of the house has neutral wires in box so most of the switches are wired that way.
I finally went via HA and configured the switch to 45 min and 90 max dimming. i also played with speed and other params. now switch is stable and will not trip.
Ether way, it is nice machinery, and it is configurable to no end. Problem is they are just not stable and they are sensitive to variety of things including power outages and switch to house generator power.
Also firmware is pain to load it, but that is not your fault but ratter zwave js component issues. It worked at the end but I needed to load otp and bin in separate sessions.
Thanks for reply…

Thanks for the details.

There had been issues with certain LED bulbs, particularly in non-neutral installations. An earlier firmware reduced the switch’s output to prevent that problem, but you have upgraded the firmware. You may still be experiencing the same issues a bit so adding a max setting to keep you from going over the point where the switch acts up is one approach.

You could also try adding a bypass at the light, particularly for the non-neutral installations.

So basically Inovelli fixed at least most of the problems with the firmware upgrade, but since it’s still not a perfect world with dimmers and LEDs, a few bulbs might still cause the problem. Setting a max as you’ve done is probably the best approach if you don’t want to try the bypass.

Hi, do you mind pointing me to bypass device url so that i could look it up?

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Thanks is there a manual anywhere to understand how to install it and what it does exactly …?
Sorry to be pest …

The bypass is installed in the fixture between the neutral and hot. I don’t think it matters which one you pull down.

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