LZW31-SN Disable Internal Relay from Node Configuration Options

I am migrating from SmartThings to Home Assistant. The device handler for SmartThings allows for “Disable Local Control” and “Disable Remote Control”. In Home Assistant, that doesn’t appear to be available in the node configuration options. I can manually disable the relay by pressing the config button 8 times, but would rather be able to control this via Home Assistant. I have looked at the lzw31-sn.xml file and confirmed that the functionality is not available.

Has anyone tried to modify the lzw31-sn.xml file to see if it is possible to add this functionality to Home Assistant? Also, if it is possible, to updates to that file take effect, or do you have to ‘exclude’ and re-‘include’ the device to get the updated settings?

I think you are referring to the Protection Command Class. This is technically not a configuration parameter, so it wouldnt be in your lzw31-sn.xml file.

In Home Assistant, this is referred to as Node Protection. You should be able to see/set it in the zwave control panel.

I have had a bad experience with changing this setting in OpenZwave though. From what I can tell, OZW does not have separate options for Local Control vs Remote control (at least, I havent figured out how to get both options to show up). On 3 separate occasions, I have managed to get my switch in a state where it does not respond to any commands, forcing me to factory reset the switch. I dont think this is a problem with the switch itself, but is more of a problem with the way OZW works.

Thanks! This is what I was looking for. I confirmed when I changed the Node Protection from ‘Unprotected’ to ‘No Operation Possible’ it does prevent local control. Remote control is still possible, but I am not worried about that. I really just want to disable local control to use with smart bulbs.

Also, when I use the config button 8 times, it changes it to “Protection by Sequence”. I think I will use that instead of No Operation Possible. I think this will allow me to use the config button 8 times to re-enable local control if the power drops and I want to use the physical switch to turn on the power again to the smart bulbs and again, re-disable local control with the config button again.

Here is what the different options do. Pressing config x8 toggles between “Unprotected” and “Protection bu Sequence”

Value Apparent function
Unprotected All features unlocked
Protection by Sequence Internal relay disabled, but scenes, associations, and remote operation still work
No Operation Possible Internal relay disabled AND scenes/remote operation disabled. Pressing config x8 also does nothing while in this state.