LZW31-SN Firmware Update Bug? Issue

I have a LZW31-SN on Hubitat. It was running FW v 1.35 and I updated to v1.48. The update worked fine in the other few switches I updated but this one refused to dim after the update. It acknowledged the commands and the light indicator bar would dim but lights stayed at 100%. I reverted the firmware and the issue resolved

I have the exact same issue, but only for dimmers that set up in a 3 way configuration. Were working fine with 1.35 and immediately after 1.48 they stopped dimming and act weird (remote switch sometimes work, other times not).

Non-3 way work as expected.

@stevelrowe and @Alex007 - just to confirm, did you update both the .otz and .bin files (ie: Target 0 and Target 1)?

@Eric_Inovelli I did. 1.48 did not include a .bin file for the HolTek controller so I used the one from 1.47.

I also tried reverting back to 1.47 (even flashed twice) but didn’t fix the issue. Prev version I was running was 1.35 (factory) so I’m not ready to revert that far right now.

@Eric_Inovelli UPDATE !! When I downgraded to 1.47 nothing changed, but I reflashed the HolTek .bin file v.147 (I didn’t do it when downgrading because it was already v1.47) and it works ! The dimmer works !

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Perfect, yeah, I’ve seen this before where the Holtek file doesn’t always complete.

Glad this fixed it :slight_smile:

@stevelrowe can you try re-flashing the .bin file and/or try reverting to 1.47 and flashing the .bin again, then try moving to 1.48?

To be clear, here are the correct files if going to 1.48:

EDIT: Updated the Target 1 link to 1.47

@Eric_Inovelli Eri Why 1.40 for the HolTek, and not the latest 1.47 ?

Oh, I thought the latest was: 1.40 for Holtek (.bin) and 1.48 for Z-Wave (.otz)?

Edit: Well dang, I didn’t see the 1.47.bin there, I just looked at the Holtek labeled ones.

Thanks for the clarity @Alex007, I’ll edit my post :slight_smile:

Is Parameter 12 set to 11 on one of the switches? Per EricM this is required (and in my testing it works on 1.48)…

@Eric_Inovelli Happy to help.

Right now I’m running 1.47 for both targets and everything is smooth again. Maybe later I’ll try to go back to 1.48 (otz) with 1.47 (bin) to see if it works, but last time I did it was broken (for two black series in two separate three way setups). All my other dimmers (mix of black and red series) work with 1.48 (otx) and 1.47 (bin).

Hmmm… ok, and it was just for the 3-Way setups, correct?

@Eric_Inovelli I confirm, I had two black series in separate 3 ways setups (neutrals, with each a dumb switch). I made sure to set them as 3 way in the Z-wave parameters after flashing them. But 1.48 doesn’T work, 1.47 does.

Followed the advice above and re flashed 1.47 otz and bin (too chicken to try 1.48 otz) and the problem appears to be mostly resolved.

Updating seems to have stopped my ability to use the dimmer as a button device in RM, I’m also getting a few dimmers that are giving me the “sleepy device” message. Will try to exclude and re include