LZW31-SN Getting Too Warm (Hot)

Just installed a 3-way switch using a Red Series Dimmer and an Accessory Switch in a non-neutral setup. It is working fine and can properly be controlled from the main switch, the accessory switch and from home assistant.

When the light is on though, the main switch (LZW31-SN) is getting very warm/hot. The black metal is essentially too hot to touch. I’d estimate >120 F. This seems too hot to be right. I rechecked the wiring and everything seems correct without any shorts, touching wires, etc.

Any ideas how to further troubleshoot or fix?

It should not be too hot to touch. The max operating temp should be 104F.

What is the load, type of bulb(s) and wattage? How many heat sink tabs remain? What is the make and model of the Aux?

I’d pull the switch and double-check the connections to insure they are tight.

There are 9 65W incandenscant recessed cans and a ceiling mount light fixture with 3 40W incadenscent bulbs on the switch.

All 6 tabs are on the LZW31-SN
Aux is GE Enbrighten 46199

I’ll recheck and tighten the connections again.

With all 6 table still installed the dimmer is rated to 400W incandescent. You’re load is 705W so I’m not that surprised. I would recommend swapping in LEDs and stay under 300W.

Max Wattage: See below – maximum will vary based on bulb type and whether the heat sink tabs are removed or not

Heat Sink Tabs Not Removed: 400W Incandescent, 300W LED, 150W CFL

One (1) Side Heat Sink Tabs Removed: 300W Incandescent, 200W LED, 150W CFL

Two (2) Sides Heat Sink Tabs Removed: 200W Incandescent, 150W LED, 100W CFL

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I replaced all of the cans with LEDs (it turns out 3 of them already were LEDs). I didn’t have LEDs for the light fixture. Also, it’s possible they are 60W and not 40W. I’ve not taken down the glass to actually see the bulbs yet.

So 9 10w LEDs and 3 60w bulbs [worst case] is 270w

I left the lights on for a bit and the max temp is now 103F. Warm, but a lot better. Thanks!