LZW31-SN Home assistant Power reporting

I installed an LZW31 over the weekend since I have wanted to install one in my dining room where the switch is non-neutral and Inovelli is just down the road an hour or so from Ann Arbor.
I got it connected to Home Assistant after adding the information to the Open Z-Wave config. It seems to be working great except that I am questioning the power reported.

I have the switch controlling three 8 watt LED bulbs and when I turn on the bulbs to 100% Home Assistant reports 2.4Watt is being consumed. Since this is exactly a tenth of what I would expect I suspect there is a scaling issue in the chain between the dimmer/OpenZWave/HomeAssistant.

Has anyone seen this or know where I can check the scaling?

Now I just need to figure out the right configuration settings so my family can push the on button and the light will come on quick enough but I can then dim at the switch the way I want.


Hubitat is reporting approximately 26-28 watts for 4 (each) 8 Watt bulbs.

Thanks. I suspect that Home Assistant or Open Z-Wave have a scaling issue then (probably Home Assistant, so I’ll ask there.


on the other hand I got the switch and dimming working the way I wanted after discovering the patch for Home Assistant Open Z-Wave 1.4 had config parameters 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 swapped.

I’m still looking into why it is reporting the wrong power scale, but that is partly to learn more languages since I am a hardware designer who programs in s embedded C.


I was actually surprised to see the power reporting in home assistant when I first configured my dimmer switch in a non-neutral setup. The instructions made it pretty clear energy monitoring was not available in non-neutral installations (“You will not be able to use the Energy Monitoring feature”). However, it seems like this is just not accurately reporting the power usage rather than not available at all.

I think I’ll just disable the energy monitoring parameters 18-20 since it doesn’t seem to work properly. If this really isn’t supported in no-neutral installations and the value is just not reliable then maybe the switch should automatically disable energy monitoring when “no-neutral” is selected. I think this could avoid possible confusion in the future.

Just closing this one out as I believe it’s reporting incorrect information due to the switch being in a non-neutral configuration where power reporting isn’t supposed to work.