LZW31-SN isn't turning lights on

I have an LZW31-SN installed in a single switch configuration to control an LED floodlight on my driveway. Firmware version is 1.35. It’s been installed for quite a while (like 2+ years) but I’ve noticed lately the light isn’t turning on according to my automations.

I did some digging today, assuming my automations were the issue, but it appears to be the switch. I can turn it on/off via Home Assistant and the state updates but the lights never turn on and I hear no relay click sound from the switch.

I’ve tried resetting the switch by pulling the airgap but it didn’t fix it. I don’t think the switch is frozen like in some of the older threads I found because it does respond to zwave requests for things like changing the LED strip colour and the on/off state updates in Home Assistant.

Anyone know what the problem might be? Is the relay inside dead?

Does the switch work when you operate the paddle? Is it possible that you inadvertently disabled remote control?

Oops, forgot to mention that in the original post. No, the paddle doesn’t work either. Same thing: no relay sound.

Maybe factory reset it? Can’t really suggest anything else. Long press config about 40 seconds until the LED turns red.

I tried several variations of press and hold, including using a stopwatch to count to 60, and never got a red light and the switch isn’t factory reset.

I know the config button works because I tried doing 8x press to toggle the internal relay and that did flash the LED (and no, toggling in the internal relay state didn’t fix this either).

hmmm, pull the airgap out and then put it back to reboot it. Then try the factory reset again.

Tried that, held for 30 seconds, and still didn’t factory reset it.



I realized when trying it again in the app the bulb icon in home assistant seemed awfully dim. Sure enough… the switch was somehow set to 2% brightness :man_facepalming:

Set it back to 100% and guess what? My light is on!

Thanks for your help!

To avoid that from happening again, you should set your minimum to a value above the threshold where the bulb(s) turn on. That way the bulb(s) will always be illuminated when the switch is on. That will adjust the percentages so that even if it is set to 1% the they will still be illuminated.

I’ll do that tonight, thanks!