LZW31-SN keeps randomly not working

I have had a LZW31-SN connected to a chandelier (5 bulbs) above my main dining table for a few years now. I’m losing my mind this thing. A while back, I don’t remember when but it was months ago for sure, it all of a sudden stopped working when I replaced a new non-smart bulb. I solved that by installing a neutral bypass in the attic. It is now doing it again.

What am I not understanding about how these things work?
Is there some kind of magical combination of bulbs I need to be using (or not)?

Neutral or non-neutral installation? I’m guessing non-neutral because you installed a bypass, but you mentioned a “neutral” bypass, so it’s not clear.

What bulbs are you using?


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Non-neutral with a bypass. The bulbs are a mix of different bulbs at this point. Are there preferred bulbs I should be using?

There are occasional reports of non-neutral installations not working properly after a while. My suspicion has always been that the characteristics of the bulbs change over time.

Can you explain further about what you mean that it stopped working? Is the switch not getting power. Does it power up but reboot on its own? Etc.

If it is a matter of the switch not getting sufficient power you could try one of two things. The first would be to get higher wattage bulbs. If the chandelier winds up being too bright, then just reduce the maximum output from the switch. You could also try adding a second bypass.

I will hit the up button on the paddle and it will end up in what I understand is a reboot loop of the switch; the bulbs flicker and the indicator on the switch itself flashes between red, blue and green. At that point if I hit the down button on the paddle enough times it will eventually power off and remain that way.

Is this indicative of the switch not getting enough power? I’m relatively new to troubleshooting this kind of stuff.

Yes, normally when you see the colors the switch is rebooting due to a lack of power. Not so sure about the power staying off though.

I’d try either of the suggestions I made earlier to get more power to the switch.

Thanks, I have both in order and will report back. Is this kind of thing generally not an issue when a switch does have a neutral wire?

In terms of supplied power, yes. With a hot and neutral present at the switch box, there is a “clean” return over the neutral back to the panel. With a non-neutral, that required return to the panel for the neutral has to go through the bulb(s). If the bulb(s) don’t leak enough, then that path back to the panel gets hosed.

Thank you again for the help. I installed a second bypass and that seems to have done the trick. I also took the opportunity to install all the same bulb (hue white ambiance 60w). Now I just have to figure out how to get dimming to work in smart bulb mode :wink: