LZW31-SN "LED When Off" Child Device on Hubitat?

On Hubitat does LZW31-SN have/support a “LED When Off” child device like the LZW36 does? Could this be supported simply through a driver update? It looks like the fan driver is just creating a child component that sets the “when off” intensity parameter on the parent device. Seems like that could be doable for the LZW31 driver too right?

Something different than this?

The LZW36 fan driver lets you create a child dimmer device for the “When Off” brightness control.

I have those all then setup in a group and can easily control the when-off brightness of all the fan controllers based on time-of-day. Looking to do the same thing for the light. Looks like the driver just needs an update to support that maybe.

I have that child device in ST, so I’m guessing it’s just a driver modification for Hubitat.

Got ya. Yea probably something @EricM_Inovelli could add to the driver.

I have added the option to the latest Hubitat driver.


Amazing! I had carved out some time for the weekend to give that a go, thanks for the quick update!

Saw the updates for the dimmers using Hubitat Package Manager, and set up some time of day LED levels.

Will this be coming to the switch drivers too?

Sure, I can add it to the switch drivers.

That would be great. Didn’t know I missed this feature, until I tried it on the dimmers!

FYI, you’ve always had the ability to control this without needing to create the Child Device by using the Custom Action in Rule Manager

For switches, the Rule Manager Action looks like this:
That will set Parameter 7 (LED intensity when OFF) to 5 (50%)

For Dimmers, it looks like this:
That will set Parameter 15 (LED intensity when OFF) to 2 (20%)

Child devices can be handy at times, but it can get a little ugly having double the number of devices (parent device + child device) when you have a lot of things you want to control. If you use the Custom Action method you don’t need to create all those extra Child Devices.

Either method gives the same end result. Its personal preference which way you choose. I just wanted to let know there was another way which didn’t require a driver update or the creation of child devices

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I use Hubitat as a ZWave/ZigBee only device hub and 100% of automation effort happens in Home Assistant. The one downside is messing with device parameters in automation is harder that way vs having things represented as devices.

FYI, I have added the option to our switches.

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