LZW31-SN Not updating status with Homeseer without polling?

I’ve installed 5 LZW31-SN switches in my house and for the most part I really like them. The one thing that hasn’t worked for me is status updates from the switch to Homeseer. For example, I have some Homeseer switches and once installed whenever I use the switch at the switch, Homeseer knows the status of the switch (on/off/brightness). However, when I use the LZW31-SN switches, Homeseer doesn’t know the status unless I explicitly add polling to the switch. My understanding was that the patent that Lutron (?) had for immediate status updates had expired and all Z-Wave+ devices could now do automatic notification. Is there some configuration option I need to set on my switches to make this work? I would rather not do polling if I don’t have to.


I’m seeing the same issue with HomeSeer 4. Does anyone know if a fix is available for this?

Alternatively, what are the downsides to having polling every few seconds? I’m new to ZWave; is polling something that should be avoided? What would/should the polling be? I presume that polling every switch @1s interval would cause significant congestion for the network?



I’m running HS4 v4.1.9.0 and have no problems with instant status with my Red Dimmer, no polling required.

Did you include the Red Dimmer as a secure or non-secure node?

@TC1 I included them as secure nodes. Is that a limitation? Do I need to exclude it and re add it as a non secure node?



Yes, try to re-include them as non-secure. Homeseer sometimes has issues fully supporting Z-wave+ nodes. This will hopefully be worked out once they release the updated Z-wave plug-in for HS4 with full support S2 security.

Hey @benze – were you able to resolve this by including as non-secure? Just following up on some old threads :slight_smile:

@Eric_Inovelli Sorry for the delay in responding.

Kind of. It usually works, however, one thing I noticed is that with a dumb switch wired to the LZW31-SN in a 3-way config, the LZW31-SN doesn’t seem to report the state change. I would have expected that the LZW31 “understand” the position of the dumb-switch and report that the light is off.