LZW31-SN Notification Failure (Hubitat)


I have a test switch right now at my test bench prior to deploying and I am having failures triggering the notification LED. Driver installed from Github for the Red Dimmer also the child device.

Debugging log show and error with both on/off when manual triggering the notification…

Also why do the Switched have 5 notification and the dimmers only 4 :frowning:

Same thing happening to me:

I also noticed the 5 vs. 4 thing–guessing they ran out of storage on the dimmer since it’s firmware is more complicated, though I’m not sure how much of this is actually hardware-dependent vs. controlled by the driver. Just a command to change the notification directly with parameters (mostly what I see the driver actually doing) like HomeSeer’s might be nice, then we wouldn’t have to worry about child devices at all (though that definitely makes it easy and probably easier still for ST with a substantially similar DTH).

Sorry guys, a version with that bug fixed is in github. You should be able to use the import button on the drivers page to update it.


Just tried, and it works perfectly now. Thanks for the quick fix!

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