LZW31-SN Notifications clear with light On/Off

is the notification suppose to clear when the light switch is switched on/off?

I have a notification for the LED bar to remain lit red when my alarm system is armed. But when the light turns on or off the red LED goes away. When looking at the Smartthings device it still hd the notification “on” but it’s not showing up on the LED strip.

Any ideas?

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They are aware of it. See thread below

Ah! I looked for this topic but must have just missed it. Thanks for linking it!

Hey guys, sorry for the delay – there was an issue with GitHub pushing the wrong handler. Can you guys try installing this handler and let us know if it fixes this issue?

LZW31-SN Device Handler

@Eric_Inovelli I switched out the DH to the one linked and my switch still doesn’t go back to the notification after the switch has been turned on/off.

any ideas?