LZW31-SN only sending updates after end of transition

I am using my LZW31-SN to control Hue Smart Bulbs. I am using Home Assistant w/ zwavejs2mqtt, the switch is set to smart bulb mode, etc., etc…

When testing the behavior of syncing the brightness from the Switch to the Hue Light Bulbs, I noticed that the brightness is only set on the switch after the local switch finishes dimming. For example, if I set a 3s manual dim time, when I turn the switch from off → on (dimming from 0 → 100%), the entity for the Switch only gets updated with the new brightness after 3s. I also manually used mosquitto_sub to monitor the events, and sure enough, there’s an initial event and then the final event, but nothing in between.

This also happens when holding to dim–it only updates the brightness value on release.

Is this an issue with the switch, HA, or some config? Is there any way to have it submit periodic updates over zwave?

This is the way z-wave calls work.

Dim to 5% over 3 seconds. Then the switch does it.

Not sure there is a way to capture brightness and duration to start at approx the same time (minus hub delay) but this is also how mine works.

Associations resolve this, but likely not applicable here.

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Yeah, this is my major complaint with Hue–integration with switches. This is a common area, so I want the ability to dim/on/off without smart integration, especially for parents/kids/wife/etc… At this point I’m considering just replacing them with normal lights, but the engineer in me wants to figure out how to make this work.