LZW31-SN physical buttons don't work, z-wave is fine

So I have an odd one. I have a bunch of red series dimmers installed around the house, running with home assistant / zwave js. Its been working fine for a while now. Yesterday I got home from a 5 day trip, AND yesterday I had my power meter swapped out (which equals a short power outage). Not sure if either have anything to do with this, but they are the two anomalies from normal life I can think of.

Last night I went to turn the lights on in one room (with the physical buttons) and the switch was totally unresponsive. I tried turning them on with HA, and the dashboard made everything seem fine, logs looked good, and status looked good, but the light didn’t turn on. Then I air gapped the switch, saw the light bar flash red green blue, now the lights can be controlled with HA/zwave just fine, but the physical buttons still don’t do anything.

Any ideas?

Make sure the below setting under the Protection menu are all set to “Unprotected”.

Or simply hit the config button 8x to ensure local control is an option. If it blinks Red 3x, that means local control is disabled, but if it blinks green 3x that means that pressing up should turn the light on and down off. Hopefully that solves it for you!


That did it! To be clear:

  1. The buttons didn’t respond to anything
  2. I clicked the config 8x
  3. The bar flashed green
  4. The buttons work now.

Thanks so much!

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