LZW31-SN: Recent strange behavior (lights stay on - low level when switched off etc.)

Hi - I have a red dimmer switch that has started acting up all of a sudden. When I shut it off from the switch, it will not turn off completely. It is in a 3-Way neutral setting and I can turn it off from the dumb 3-way switch. Occasionally, when it turns on, the LED will flash green/blue (I also saw it go red/green/blue).

If I turn it off from the dumb 3-way switch, I cannot turn it on from the “smart” switch or from the device page in Hubitat. Also, some times when I can turn it on from the smart switch, the lights will come on and immediately go to a low dim level (like when they don’t turn off). I have updated both firmware targets recently and it was all working.

Below is the current “state” of the switch. I had it set to “no delay” (new Param 51) but switched it back to see if it made a difference (it did not).

Any thoughts on what is going on (and what I can do to fix it)? Thanks

UPDATE: I have been able to figure out when the LED goes red/green/blue - it’s when I try and turn the switch off from the device page in Hubitat. Also, if I do set level from the device page when the switch is on, it will stay at the 90% till I try and turn it off again (and it goes into a funk).

I haven’t seen this, and at first glance your issues seem to cover a lot of possible causes - so I don’t have much helpful info, just thoughts … you say it just started acting up, so I’m assuming that the switch had been previously working in the currently wired 3-way set up and nothing there has intentionally changed (including the fixture, bulbs, etc). If the switch started misbehaving at the firmware update, perhaps it lost the local configuration settings for the 3-way setup during the firmware flash and just needs them re-entered.

Other than that, since there isn’t much to go wrong with the dumb switch, if I was troubleshooting it, I think I’d remove the dumb switch from the equation and see if the Red behaves properly by itself; or if it actually lost its mind. Someone else may have a better idea though.

Yep - nothing changed in the devices or configuration

It has been working since I applied the firmware update (July 20), so at least 2 weeks.

I switched the configuration back to single pole, saved it and then changed it back to 3-way. Switch is still not working :frowning_face:

Will changing the configuration be enough or does it need to be re-wired?

Some more info - when I turn it on from the dumb switch, I can hear the relay click on and the LED flashes blue/green (sometimes red as well), the lights come on and then immediately turn off (I can see in the log that the switch is sending a “turn-off” command). However, the lights just go down to a very low level but do not turn off - the only thing that turns them off completely is if I turn them off from the dumb switch.

This behavior seems really strange, and makes me think wiring problem, but you say that hasn’t changed. You said you “switched the configuration back to single pole, saved it and then changed it back to 3-way” … did you do that in the device handler?, or did you use the gazillion button push method with the config button on the switch? When I first set my Reds up in a 3-way, I had to use the config method on the switch, because it didn’t seem to apply correctly from the software side (I was using GE add-on switches and not a dumb switch though).

One more easy test if you rule out the above, I highly doubt it would change anything, but you could unscrew the bulbs and see if the switch behaves any differently with no load connected (since its an easy test).

The color pattern sounds like what the switch does when it boots up the firmware. You could try re-flashing it. I suppose it’s possible that the device has a memory problem and its internal OS is crashing. A re-flash might do something helpful, or make things worse if it doesn’t save the flash correctly due to an actual hardware problem. If the latter happens, it may indicate that the switch had gone bad and you weren’t going to be able to fix it anyway.

I’m honestly not sure, but personally I’d eventually be pulling it off just to get the Red down to the simplest setup and go from there. If the Red is still bonkers without the extra connections, it at least isolates the troubleshooting.

I think the switch is crashing when starting up. I’ve had the switch in place for over 4 months now, so unlikely that it’s incorrect wiring.

I used the device driver (Inovelli created one) in Hubitat. God forbid I have to use the config button :pleading_face:

I’ve opened a ticket with Inovelli but so far no response (apart from the automated one). I’m giving them a little more time before I try re-flashing. I have a feeling that the switch has gone bad. I have another red dimmer (bought at the same time) and also flashed with the latest firmware that is working. Hopefully, this one is an anomaly :crossed_fingers:t4:

You could try the config button while waiting for a response … it’s a pretty simple process, keeping track of the clicks is the hardest part. :slight_smile:

No response so far :frowning:

Hey - anyone from Inovelli listening? Ticket # is 7139 - it’s been 24 hours and only an automated response…

Yeah - going to try it today. The weird part is that the switch doesn’t respond to in some cases (I can’t turn it off from the switch itself - if I can get it to stay on at all!).

@Eric_Inovelli - hate to tag you to get a response, but could you push this ticket along? I can’t use the switch or Hubitat to manage these lights :frowning:

I just tried the config button to see if it would take the 3-way config. It went through the process (green, yellow, purple) but no change. Lights still stay on at a low level, turn on and then off (to the low level) immediately when using the smart switch… this is looking more and more like a bad switch. I wish Inovelli would respond :frowning:

Did you end up trying a re-flash to see if it made any difference?

Just finished flashing both firmware updates (the otz and bin files). No change. After the firmware updates, I could hear the switch “restarting” - it went through the blue/green/red cycle a couple of times. I tried turning it on/off from the device page in Hubitat - it would come on and then turn off immediately (same low level turn off) and the device state shows as “off”.

I pulled the air-gap and when I pushed it back in, the switch went through the blue/green/red cycle about 3 times (I could hear the relay clicking), but no change in the switch behavior.

I don’t think I have seen the switch do the multi-color cycle before - any idea what that means?

Hey @rakeshg – we’re answering the tickets in the order they come in – I’ve told the team to look for yours, so I’m hoping to get you a resolution soon. Typically we are able to answer them in 24hrs or so, but for some reason everyone is having issues lol!

I just scanned this thread (admittedly, I didn’t read thoroughly, so sorry if this wasn’t addressed), but it looks like you have a 3-Way w/a dumb switch and dimmer, correct? If you change the max dim level to 80-85%, does this fix things for you?

@Eric_Inovelli - Thanks for getting back to me. Yes - I have a 3-Way (dimmer+ dumb switch) with neutral configuration. Everything was working till yesterday when all of a sudden it stopped.

I tried that yesterday and it did not correct the issue. I am on the latest firmware (1.47 - both targets) but tried it in any case with no change.