LZW31-SN red dimmer won't go from dim to full brightness

Most of my house has the newer red dimmer switches (VZW31-SN), but a couple rooms still have the older version (LZW31-SN), and I’m having an issue with them.

Max brightness is set to 99, and parameter 9 (Default Level (Manual)) is set to 99.

If I tap up when the switch is off, it turns on to max brightness, as expected.

However, if I instead ram up the brightness from off to some amount less than full brightness, then tapping up will no longer increase it to full brightness. Tapping up does nothing at all unless I hold it down to continue ramping up the brightness. I have to turn the switch off for it to again go to full brightness when tapping up.

I could have sworn I had this working in the past when I first had the switches installed in another room. All settings seem fine. Is there a trick to making this work?

I think the single tap when it is at partial brightness is just interpreted as a multi-tap. To get it to go to full brightness from that condition, use an automation to set the level to 99 on a single press up.

Is this a limitation of the LZW31-SN switch? On the VZW31-SN switches, a second tap while dimmed will jump it up to the default brightness level.

I don’t think the Gen 2s did that. Don’t have any running right now to test as I’m in the middle of a move.

I recall that I used an automation to go to full brightness with a double-tap, to mirror the parameters available in the 2-1s. My single press went to the last state.

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Unfortunately param 9 only applies to button presses in the off state. The new gen 3’s have a double tap to 100% option.