LZW31-SN Red Series Dimmer faint light

Hi folks,

I just received my red series dimmers and I’ve installed one of them in my dining room. I’m using it with my home assistant setup and it’s been working well until just recently. I noticed at night time that there’s a faint glow from my led chandelier. I think I’ve wired the switch properly. The box has three runs inside, and I didn’t use neutral to the switch since I found all of them wired together with a single Marrette. Two of the black wires are connected to the load terminal, and I know the next room is fed off of the box in my dining room switch. I’m wondering if I’ve wired this switch incorrectly.

I know I have to be carefully how I wire the switch in the dining room because when I bought this house. The previous owner wired the dimmer incorrectly, so when power was turned off on the dining room switch the other rooms switch wouldn’t work or it was the other way around.


  1. Found I had the line mixed up and places on the load terminal. This fixed the faint light on my Led fixture.

  2. Added the neutral to the 3 bundled white neutral wires. Confirmed dimming of the light is much smoother and consistent with my red series dimmer.

I would encourage you to seek assistance from a qualified electrician. There are a couple of things in your post that suggest to me the switch may not be properly wired.

The fact that all neutrals are wired together in the junction box is no reason not to use a neutral with your switch. Also, unless you are controlling lights in multiple locations, the typical installation only has one conductor attached to the load terminal. You advised that you have two wired to the load terminal, and mentioned a downstream device that definitely should not be powered by the dimmer’s load terminal.

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So I took another look at the wiring. I had a feeling that the line wasn’t in the right spot causing the light not to fully turn off. Looks like I was correct, I had the line on the load terminal and line is coming off the electrical in my other room. Once I got the line and load wires on the correct terminals of the switch, it’s now properly turning off. The only other issue is now when the switch is slowly turning the lights on I hear a faint buzz in the switch and the led light slightly flickers. I would connect it to neutral as well but the box is rather packed and might be difficult to work.

Buzzing could be due to bulb characteristics. Same with flickering. I would try with neutral connected or install a bypass at the fixture. That “may” help with flickering.

Yeah I did a pigtail of the two load wires thinking something wasn’t making contact within the switch. So I’ll probably rewire it back to the switch to save some space. Then I’ll pigtail off the neutral bundle as that’s how the builder wired it. If that gives me issues I know the power comes off from the next room and I’ll start checking the switch in that room to see if the line was mixed up there. The previous owner really had no idea what he was doing and I knew enough to fix some of his wiring mistakes to get things sort of figured out. Worst case I might ask a friend who’s an electrician to help me take a look. This is the chadalier that I bought from Costco. I might do a quick search in the forums to see if anyone has had issues with the brand.

Artika light

Well that’s a generic statement. Curious what type of LED dimmer they’re expecting for their fixture.

Nice catch, so basically don’t bother asking us about dimmers. I did have some slight flickering on the previous non smart lutron dimmer. But it really wasn’t anything too bad. So I figured it might be the dimmer just not being led capable. Well I guess I’ll give it a shot with the neutral and see if it helps. Might also play around with some of the settings of the switch to see if I can make it less noticable.

Just curious if anyone knows of decent fixture manufacturers that I should possibly look at when purchasing. Seems that most fixtures are now led with the led lights being built into the fixture itself.

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Connecting neutral was the key to my flickering issue.

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