LZW31-SN Red Series Dimmer - Switch Trips

Did anyone tried to setup max dimmer level on this switch.
It sounds like I need to press pedal like 85 times up to setup 85% for maximum level.
I now how to deal with config button and how to safe configuration. I am not sure if the one press on the pedal is equivalent to one byte or %.
Another question:
Why dimmer freezes or trips when max level is reached. For example some of my switches will trip and stop workign until I turn off/on fuse.
Others will just freeze on max dimmer level, and then I can’t turn off lights pedal or zwave+ way.

All my switches are without neutral wire and I am able to pair and get them on Home assistant side (which btw. has a really nice support for reading (current and previous) and power levels and so forth.
Any help appreciated …

I believe once you get the dimmer in the mode for the max and min levels, you use the paddle up and down to change the brightness. I’ve not done this myself but my guess you don’t enter 85% you simply change the brightness until it looks right for you, then exit the mode.

I believe you can set these parameters in HA however I personally don’t know how.

While this shouldn’t happen, you will probably be interested to know that pulling the air gap (the small tab at the bottom of the switch/dimmer) should have the same effect. There is no standard behavior for air gaps (they should at least pull power to the load/fixture but usually also pull power to the switch/dimmer itself), but that is the behavior Inovelli’s — and most others’ — exhibit.

As to your actual problem, there are a few similar reports if you search the forum. Setting the parameter for maximum level to something below 99% seems to work for some people — one guess I’ve seen is that the switch is overheating (auto-shutdown is a known remedy it uses in such cases), and keeping the level lower may help. There may be better information now in other threads. I’m not sure what hub you’re using, but if you use one that lets you set Z-Wave parameters directly or via some sort of on-hub device configuration (SmartThings, Hubitat, HomeSeer, Home Assisant, etc.), it’s a lot easier to do it there than from the switch.

Thanks for replies.
I am aware of air gaps, I do not think overheating is an issue, but I am not expert. Next, I am using homeassistant, with new definitions for inovelli dimmers, but I do not have a choice to permanently change defaults on the switch. I am waiting for py ozw wrapper to be on par with ozw lib , ea 1.6
I will try to play a bit more with switch and see where I end up.
All in all switch is cool and there is ton of options and reporting this thing can provide. Personally, I would like something that is more robust, hopefully firmwares might fix this in the future.

Just replying to close this out – there was a firmware bug in the original firmware where sometimes the switch would trip at certain levels. This has since been resolved via a firmware update.

In addition, a max level can be set just prior to the level it trips.