LZW31-SN Reported power 1.6W regardless of load

I have four LZW31-SN dimmer switches which I’ve upgraded to the latest 1.57/1.44. Of the four, only 1 correctly reports the current power usage. The other 3 will report 1.6W of consumption when on, regardless of load and, further, the total kWh consumed value never increases. All of them did properly report power consumption at one point in time, so I expect this is a configuration or eeprom issue. To remedy the situation, I have tried the following things to resolve the issue:

  1. Reseting the accumulated meter values.
  2. Reupgrading the firmware to the latest.
  3. Excluding and then re-including the unit.
  4. Excluding, then holding down the config button until it shows red to cause a factory reset, and then re-including.
  5. Excluding, pulling the air-gap, then including.
  6. Excluding, factory reset via config button, pulling air gap, then including.

In searching the forums, I’ve noticed a few other people notice similar behavior and a few suggestions for resolution, such as changing the configuration parameter from neutral to no-neutral, then back to neutral. All these steps have been to no-avail. I have yet to try downgrading the firmware, but I suppose I shall try installing 1.48/1.41 next.

To be clear, the dimmers otherwise function properly.

Does anyone have any experience resolving this problem?

Thank you.

As a follow-up, downgrading to 1.48/1.41 did not correct the meter reporting.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to read the full SEEPROM/Flash out of the device via JTAG or Z-Wave, possibly using the Manufacturer Specific command class? I’d like to compare the values between my working and non-working devices.

@Eric_Inovelli can you add zaphod to our PM chat about this specific issue? Seems like he has the same issue I did.

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By reading some of your other posts, I think you’re right - my issue does sound the same.

Were you able to find some resolution with the private PM thread you mentioned? If so, I’ll try to follow up with Inovelli support.