LZW31-SN settings for LZW42 bulb

I’m trying to setup the LZW42 RGBW bulb to be controlled by the red series dimmer. Want to confirm a few settings in the dimmer.
Hub: SmartThings
Wiring Setup: neutral, single pole

Using the Zwave Association Tool, I setup Groups 2 and 4 with the dimmer as the source, bulb as the destination.

Disable Local Control - that should be Yes to keep the power to the bulb, correct?
At the bottom of the dimmer settings page, it has a Child Devices section with 4 on/off toggle options:
Disable Local Control
Disable Remote Control
Default Level (Local)
Default Level (Z-wave)
I can’t seem to find more details on what these Child Device settings are really for. Right now, I have them all off (the default). What do these do, and should any be enabled when using the zwave association for the Ilumin bulb?

To disable the internal relay you need to enable the “disable local control” and “disable remote control” toggles.

Default level is just the switch level upon pushing the switch locally or remotely. It doesn’t impact the relay in any way. I leave mine at 0 since I am changing the default levels throughout the day.

These items are listed on page 10 of the manual.

Thanks for the response. I’m not sure if that’s related to the settings I was referring to though. I’ve included a screen shot. I’m not sure exactly what Child Device is in this context - is it the Notification settings or the Ilumin bulb?

Toggle the top two on. See if that gives you the results you are looking for.