LZW31-SN, Smartthings led notification setup

Hello Friends !
I want to be able to get notification from the Led bar from my smartthings sensor or other things.
EX: If my garage door lock is unlock (Kwikset 888) then LED bar should light up red.
I have a Smartthings Hub and I am not a coder / programmer !
I have bought my first Inovelli LZW31-SN (Firmware 1.35) for my bedroom since it does not have a neutral wire and was listed to work without neutral !
Go it to work, I have used the step-by-step instruction on how to install the DEVICE HANDLER.
I did install the SMARTAPPS

  • ABC Manager
  • ABC Child Creator

Like I said I am a newbie and by “Fooling” around If I click on the device I can see
Child Device (Name of my light) Notification 1
But now I am stuck as what to do !
I wish it would be as easy as the smartthing automation (if ____ Then Led color + time etc).

Sorry for long post and thanks for helping