LZW31-SN still dimming in SmartBulb mode?

I’m trying to make an LZW31-SN switch work as an on/off switch, but it seems as though it is still working as a dimmer switch. My switch is using a Neutral and has a simple 3 LED bulb load on it.

I have updated the switch to the latest firmware (1.56) and then performed a factory reset. Finally I set the following parameters:
Param 52: 1
Param 51: 1
Param 50: 1

With that configuration I am expecting that the switch respond fairly instantly when pressing the up or down paddles. Additionally, I am expecting that the light only go ON/OFF - no dimming.

However, when I press the UP paddle, it take 2-3 secs for the light bulb to turn on, and I see a dimming ramp. Similarly when I press the DOWN paddle. Finally, I am able to control the dimming of the light using the paddle.

Am I doing something wrong? Is my configuration incorrect? Do I need to set other config parameters?



Set parameter 1, the ramp rate, to 0. Check that parameter 2 to 4 are still 101 so they use the parameter 1 set rate of 0, or set them to 101 or 0. You could also set parameter 5, min dim level, to 45%.

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