LZW31-SN Switch no longer working with Hubitat or Alexa

My red dimming switch has worked for a long time but now it no longer works with hubitat or alexa. The switch does work manually. I have many other switches and they are all working properly. Had visitors who struggled with switches and wonder if they somehow messed up the normal operation of the switch. Need some help getting this back in operation. Any advice would be appreciated.

Define “no longer works” please.

Does the switch power up . . ie do you see the LED bar?

Does the paddle turn the light on and off but you can’t do the same via Hubitat or Alexa?

Does the paddle not turn the light on and off?

Something else?

It works with the paddle but I can not control either with the hubitat or alexa app or by voice with alexa.

And yes, the switch is powered up, i.e. I see the blue bar.

I think the quickest thng to do would be to exclude and re-add it. Exclude it in Hubitat, which should also factory reset it.

If Hubitat is not communicating at all with the switch, then do a general exclusion and exclude the switch that way.

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I have done a factory reset (held down the small config switch for 20 seconds), then went through the process to discover and add new device. Launched this from hubitat, then pressed the small config button three times. Blue light pulsed and then turned red. Then back to blue so would not pair. Don’t recall having any of these problems when I originally paired all switches with hubitat.

Did you exclude first before attempting a re-inclusion? A factory reset will not exclude the device.