LZW31-SN TRIAC Dimming

Before purchasing a few bulk packages I wanted to confirm the LZW31-SN would support dimming with my in-ceiling can lights which are RP 8559-90 Series lights. I currently have normal dimming switches on these and all is working fine but according to the spec sheet, they require 120V electronic low/line voltage TRIAC dimmers… Does that mean I’m SOL since the LZW31-SN uses MOSFET?

8559_specsheet.pdf (rplighting.com)

Basically, yes, at least for a directly wired solution… The LZW31’s do not support ELV dimming.

Not 100% sure on this, but I think you’ll need to use a triac dimmer that supports low voltage dimming, not just any triac dimmer.

Thanks for confirming Bry. Now the question is to replace the can lights so I can use the awesome features of the Inovelli or go with a different switch :smiley:

I’d try one. The Inovelli and a triac dimmer are both leading edge dimmers and both produce the same output voltage waveform, so if a triac works the Inovelli should too.