LZW31-SN turns off randomly

@Eric_Inovelli - is there a fix for this using existing dummy switches? I have this in a 4 way setup and it continues to do this where it turns off the lights when you use the smart switch. I’m only running a 39 watt load as I swapped everything out to LED and this still happens unless I have my other 3 switches in a certain configuration of on/off. Everthing is wired correctly, according to the diagrams and the lights will come on for about 30 seconds to a minute, then they turn off.

For those of you who used aux switches to solve this problem, do they have to be Innoveli or can it be the GE ones?

We haven’t been able to replicate this but out of curiosity, have you seen this thread?

We actually don’t have our own aux switches - I definitely recommend either the GE or HomeSeer ones!

Replacing my dumb switches with the GE 46199 Enbrighten Add-On Switch fixed the problem for me. Remember to change parameter 22 to 2 on the Inovelli switch to set it for use with an aux switch.

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I tried the fix in the other thread but it didn’t work. For me, the 3 dumb switches have to be in a particular configuration of on/off or the Innovelli will turn itself off after a period of a few seconds. I’m going to try the add on switches and see if that will work.

That’s super strange. We can also swap it out with one that we’ve personally tested and configured to see if it’s just simply a bad switch too if you’d like?

It’s OK, I think. I need to swap to Decoras anyway in all my switch locations, so I will just get the add on switches and wire that in. If I have trouble after that, I may be back!

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Hi, Eric,
I have a post further up in this thread regarding my hue lights turning off a few seconds after being turned on. The lights turn off after a couple seconds when the dumb switch is in the up position but works fine when it is in the down position. If dumb switch is down, inovelli switch will turn the lights on and off just fine. If dumb switch is down and lights are off and I switch the dumb to the up position the lights come on then turn off after 2-3 seconds. If I then turn the switch back to the down position, the lights come on and stay on. I have an exact same setup in the foyer (inovelli and dumb 3 way) and the foyer is working fine. Any pointers on trouble shooting the issue?

Did this issue ever get resolved? I ask because I am having a similar problem. Mine is a dimmer, red series gen 2. It is in a single pole setup, with neutral and connected to about 60 watts worth of generic leds. It worked normally for several months but then the lights started going off randomly. I tried everything I could think of. Yesterday I swapped out the Inovelli driver and substituted a Hubitat generic Z-wave switch driver. The lights then stayed on much longer than before but still turn off with out human or hub intervention.

An odd thing - to turn the lights back on via the hub, one must first click on the off button. The hub apparently considers the lights on, though they plainly are not.

(I sent a post on this matter several days ago but it does not seem to have got into the system. I’m not sure what I did wrong.)

Is it possible that this particular switch is just defective. I have others that don’t act up similarly.

Looking for resolution . . . . . .

Mike M


I’m not part of the Inovelli team but I have some of their switches and am curious about his issue.

Is it possible to un-pair from Hubitat and just use the Red switch and see if it still exhibits the same issue?

So I can watch mine do you have some estimate of how often this happens? Like every __ days or weeks or ___ ?


Two things you could try.

The only time I’ve seen this issue is when I’ve first installed the switch and didn’t configure my preferred settings.

Try to adjust the max/min levels of the dimmers. Most of my don’t even start to turn on until about 30% and after about 80% I don’t even see it get any brighter. So adjusting these values also give it the impression of turning on/off faster as it doesn’t cycle through the irrelevant percentages.

The other thing that I saw mentioned was to change the “AC Power Type” and “Switch Type” settings, apply the change and then change it back to force it to get updated on the dimmer.

There is also a firmware update available that has some bug fixes too.

Hopefully one of these suggestions helps out.

My lights were shutting off randomly as well but it was likely related to using the LZW30-SN in a 3-way with an illuminated dumb switch. I have it controlling 6 recessed LED lights.

I removed the switch from my Hubitat system and did a factory reset. The lights now stay on for a bit longer, about 7 hours. When they do go off, the switch still thinks they are on and must be physically turned off before (physically) turning them back on.

Next step is to pull the switch and substitute something else.

Eric - do you want it back for a bench test?

Mike M.

Yeah I’d actually love that. Question for you - was this on the original firmware or new firmware?

I thought the new firmware for the LZW-30sn switches was supposed to resolve this very specific issue.

I had many back and forth conversations with a support person that now seems to no longer work for Inovelli on this very specific issue. Basically my concerns were dismissed as being unnecessary and it was all under control.

Has their been feedback on the beta firmware confirming success on this issue.


It was installed with the original firmware. I later downloaded the newer firmware (not the Beta) and installed that.

Will pull the switch tomorrow (it promises to be a rainy day) and install another and report results.

Mike M.

I have now substituted a plain old red series dimmer for the delinquent really smart one. For 24 hours now, it and the lights to which it is attached are behaving properly.

I am currently bench testing the removed switch. If the light to which it is attached is still on tomorrow at dinner time, we may have to assume the switch is actually okay and that I am a lousy electrician. More then.

Mike M.

PS In my previous post I believe I confused “firmware” with “drivers”. I am still learning.

Having the same issue. Just installed this switch in a 3 way with dumb toggle remote. When the remote is in one position the switch works just fine, but when the remote is in other position the switch randomly turns off after bout 5-10 seconds of being on. I’m on firmware that it was shipped with last week which is 1.02+. The installation is Line/Load in separate boxes with neutral wire setup. My dumb switch is simple toggle not illuminated and inovelli is programed for 3-way toggle using inovelli device handler. Any help appreciated.

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Hi @Dbolot1 Welcome! I personally would update the FW (here). The changelog reflects that this is one of the issues fixed.

I had the same issue in my 3 ways. Prior to the new FW being available, I opted to replace the dumb switches in my 3 ways with add-ons. The ability to set the level at the add-on as well as the smart dimmer was well worth the extra $20 to me. The added benefit, the add-on switches also fixed the issue you are describing.

Besides fixing this issue, the new FW addresses the persistent notification issue… As well as others.

Thanks for reply, will look into getting smart remote as well as updating firmware, just need to get a z-wave stick. Any suggestions on a stick? I was looking into Z-wave.me.

I’ve seen that one recommended somewhere on this site before. I’ve been using one made by Goodway and have had good luck with it as well. I believe there are several other models that would work.