LZW31-SN Virtual 3 Way with Scenes

I have 2 dimmers in a virtual 3 way with an association setup in both directions with groups 3 and 4. I set the secondary switch param 12 to 11. Everything works great with the default config.

Next I tried to add a scene where 2x would turn immediately on or off. Using smart lighting on the primary switch 2x up worked as expected. 2x down triggered the fade out animation. I assume this is because I set the state to off? Is there a way to immediately turn off for a 2x tap vs fading with a single tap? Maybe set a scene that says dim level to zero then sets off?

On the Secondary switch I set the same options in smart lighting where the scene would set the state of the secondary switch. This did not work. The switches ended up out of sync. I had to use the trigger on the Secondary switch to set the state of the primary. Is that expected? On the 2x tap for off I saw the safe fade animation as the primary.

Edit: Both switches are from the last batch and have the 1.47 FW