LZW36 and Association (Tool)

Forgive my ignorance. I am not sure what exactly needs to be done for the associations for the Fan/Light switch that I just got here LZW36

I am going to explain what I am looking to do here. I have a 2 Inovelli RGB bulbs connected to my fan. obviously right now, when i turn the light off/on from the LZW36 switch, the bulb gets or gets removed power.

I would like to push the power button on the LZW36 to turn on/off the bulbs (via Zwave) and give the the ability to dim (via Zwave).

Also would be nice if you could HOLD the light button down and perhaps go though the colors?

my question on the tool, there is 1 device and several child’s… What do i use for that? Any example (pictures would be nice)

thank you


did you find a solution to the question? currently on the same boat as you and no answers on my end yet.