LZW36 cannot control fan speed with google

I’m new to Hubitat, so maybe I’m missing something. When I had this device in Smartthings I shared the child device with google and could control the fan speed with voice or the Google Home app. Now in Hubitat the child device is Hampton Bay Fan component, and my only choice with Google is on/off. What am I missing?

Okay, I fixed it. So for anyone else new to hubitat, I seems you have to make the device run through its diffrent changes before you share it with Google. Set fan to diffrent levels. With RGB bulbs set diffrent colors, color temps, dim levels etc… then Google will be able to see and use the device.

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Hey there, can you possibly expand on this fix and what you mean by:

“you have to make the device run through its diffrent changes before you share it with Google”

I am having the similar issues where the two LZW36 child devices are both syncing to Google Home, but Google is seeing both the light and the fan as “lights”. It’s odd because in all my testing and messing with stuff, there was ONE time where Google detected the fan child device as an actual “fan” (with the fan icon) in the Google Home app, but I had to remove it because it wouldn’t let me adjust speed, only on/off.

I might just leave things alone right now since Google sees the fan as a dimmer, so I can adjust the fan speed by telling it to change to a certain percentage.

@allbacon What hub are you using?

If you are using Hubitat, the native Google integration does not support fans. You would need to use the community integration: [Alpha] Community-maintained Google Home integration - Developers / Code Share - Hubitat

have you found a fix other than using it as a dimmer ? or adding the community driver ?

how hard is this driver to use , ive read through it seems complicated .

It does take a little work to initially setup the community integration, however once configured it’s fairly bulletproof.

The directions do a reasonable job walking you through the process. If you have questions as in the Hubitat post and someone can help you sort things out.

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I haven’t tested the community drive yet, no. I’ve been putting it off because it looks a little time consuming. I will give it a try though because it’s not really working for me when I ask Google to “turn off the Bedroom fan” vs. “turn off the Bedroom fan lights” (my two child device names). It turns everything on or off, yet it let’s me control the fan speed by saying a percentage…

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let me know if you find a solution before i do… I tried the commuity app lol too many steps to follow me a bit complicated.