LZW36 canopy module size

I’m considering purchasing a few of the LZW36 switches for my, and the wife’s offices. The canopies on our fans are a little on the small side, so I was wondering what the size of the canopy module is. If need be, I can probably 3d print a new canopy… Knowing how large it is will help me to plan this project, since I will to rewire some things anyways.

Awesome thank you. I looked around for where that may have been answered already, but didn’t have any luck. Appreciate your help!

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I just finished printing a collar to extend the size of my canopy by a little bit!

Oh very cool, would you mind sharing your design? Probably won’t fit mine, but I’m still interested to see how you did it!

It’s REALLY basic. I just tossed it together in tinkercad as a proof of concept. It’s just a cylinder with a hole punched into it and then a slightly larger hole inset to make a lip for the canopy to sit in. Seemed much easier to do this than design an entire canopy. If it end up fitting I’ll probably sand and paint it to match the canopy as best as I can.

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