LZW36 couple of small issues

Connected an LZW36 to Hubitat today i’ve noticed a few little things. A few times now, the lights have blinked off and on. Just once each time i’ve noticed it.

The second thing is: Google Home sees the fan as a light. I thought there was a way to manually set the device type in the home app but I’m not seeing it.

Thanks in Advance

Hey and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Are you using the built in Google Home app or the community one? You have a lot more flexibility with the community one and I’d definitely recommend it instead as you’ll be able to set the device type, etc yourself. There is a bit more setup involved, but the instructions are pretty clear to follow. Link if you aren’t aware of it -

The light blinking could be a bulb incompatibility. Unlike the dimmers, the LZW36 uses a Triac.

BUT, there was also an issue with the fan canopies related to the blinking. Inovelli was swapping some out. I’m not sure if yours falls into the category of needing a swapout, so tagging @Eric_Inovelli .

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Ok I’ll give it a shot. I was aware of it but so far the stock integration worked fine. Thanks.

The bulbs (Philips soft glow LEDs) worked fine in the dimmer that this one replaced. Reading your post it looks like the canopy could be the issue.

One note for when you swap over, you’ll want to remove the built-in google home app first. I’d read in the thread that can cause issues with getting the community one set up. It solves the fans looking like lights and getting messed with by voice commands issue though which was the biggest selling point for me.

Ok this sounds like a wife disruption event (wde) I’ll wait until she’s out for a few hours.


I should note that I only noticed the lights blink when I was changing the speed of the fan. Oddly enough, when I showed my wife. It didn’t occur, but the lights were not as bright so maybe I just didn’t see it. :man_shrugging:

A short term WDE that buys any additional WAF is worth it. My wife got annoyed and strongly expressed much criticism, but I don’t think she could stand not to have the integrations I’ve put in place anymore.

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