LZW36 - Disable Local Relay from App Not Working

Using the SmartThigns app I was not able to get the switch to respect the disabling of the light or the fan local relays. I also disabled the remote relays, but did not test them. Despite the command being sent from the hub to the switch, the local relay was never disabled when I tried this method. Other settings, like changing the color of the LED bar, did work and took effect immediately.

Disabling the relay using the “tap 8 times” method documented here worked as expected.

@EricM_Inovelli – I haven’t tested to confirm, but just a heads up here!

Can you make sure you have the latest device handler? There should be a drop down to specify what type of local protection you want.

Good call. I was still using May’s version. Updated all my handlers, confirmed that local protection is now working when set via app. Thanks. I assume that the local/remote distinction is combined under this new setting?

I did wind up with some immutable defunct settings left over for DisableRemoteFan, DisableLocalFan, DisableLocalLight, and DisableRemoteLight but doesn’t seem to be hurting anything.

Thanks for the helpful replies and sorry for not version checking first.

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