LZW36 Expected Power Consumption When Off

Installed the Red Series Switch for Fan + Light (LZW36) this past weekend. While it’s interesting that it’s using RF to control light brightness and fan speed, it’s also unfortunate that there aren’t any direct wired options available since my setup has both load wires available.

It’s working to expectations so far and I appreciate the additional information provided about power consumption that I can get within Home Assistant, however how much power consumption should this unit use when in the OFF position for both Fan + Light? Should it have some since it’s not fully turning off the power to the Fan + Light so it can control via RF?

Just noticed this one in comparison to the dimmers and on/off switches I installed that I’m regularly seeing 0.5 W or 1.0 W of consumption periodically despite no use. Would like to confirm this is the case, or determine if I did something wrong with the install.

Mine is reporting 0.9W when the lights and fan are off.

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