LZW36 fan/light and Smart (Hue) bulbs

I got the LZW36 all set up with some dumb bulbs and the setup (as I remember it) was nice. My only problem was that my dumb bulbs didn’t dim as low as I wanted without inducing random flickering or flashes at full brightness. I’ve got Hue throughout the house and many are paired with smart bulbs, so no big deal there I figured. Turns out I didn’t think about what brand of switches I’ve actually dimmed the Hue bulbs with.

I’ve disabled local control and set up an Advanced Button Controller in Hubitat to try and get things working how I expect it sort of worked on dumb bulbs:

  • Button 1 pushed toggle on/off the CoCoHue group (3 bulbs)
  • Button 7 pushed increase brightness by 5
  • Button 7 held decrease brightness by 5

It seemed like I could only see a brightness change if I set the increment/decrement to 10 and I thought on dumb mode I could hold the rocket and it would just continue to step.

There’s a few drawbacks to the setup such as the LED bar not matching state since the reporting apparently turns off when local control is off. I saw someone mention just wiring the blue from the canopy to line, but I’m not sure about it. I would be able to have proper reporting and l presume lose valid power reports (I don’t use them). Has anyone else dealt with this?