LZW36 Fan/Light Dimmer - Missing setIndicator?

@EricM_Inovelli : I’m trying to figure out how to set the “Indicator” values on my new Fan/Light Dimmer (LZW36).

The Web Tool for colors has different numbers generated for the Light and Fan indicator–with the Light LED using parameter 24 and the Fan LED using parameter 25.

However, I’m not seeing any “setIndicator” custom action for the parent, either child, or the LED children.

I’d assume the “setIndicator” would be on the Light and Fan children (not the parent), since they set separate parameter numbers (24 & 25). In this case, it seems unexpected that they’d have different numerical values for the same color/effect (that makes rules more complicated since you can’t pass the same numerical value to both devices in one command).

Also, in the latest driver, the “Start Notification” button asks for 2 numbers, but the “Stop Notification” only asks for 1).

Note: I updated to firmware 1.36 (this shows up in the “Current State” at the top of the Device Page, but the “Data” area still shows 1.34–not sure what gives there).

Also, why does the Fan/Light switch only have 1-9 for brightness, while all the others go 1-10 in the web app for generating the notification values?

And another issue.

When I set parms 24/25 to “16714251” (trying to clear the notifications), it set the LEDs so they turn off completely after a few seconds rather than staying on and continuing to show the light level.,