LZW36 Fan+Light moved now not working

Had the LZW36 in the dining room with a light/fan. Wife wanted just a light chandelier so I swapped it out and put in a red dimmer and thats working. Installed the fan/light with the LZW36 and now I can’t get things working. I can see it in Smartthings and control it just fine but it’s not connected to the canopy. Lights all look OK on the switches and I can see the LEDs turn on when I use smartthings, checked voltage at canopy and I get 120v. Did a repair to canopy and nothing, did a hard reset and still nothing.

Might have gotten a bit agressive there ha! If you cut 120V for a prolonged time to the canopy module, then when you re-powered it, you need to wait 30 seconds and it begins to pulse if it can’t reconnect. Upon seeing the pulse, you then do the canopy repair, and it will re-connect. Might take 2-3 tries at it if the canopy module is over 10’ line of sight away.

Resetting the switch doesn’t do anything except mess up ST automations :smiley:.

That’s the thing, I see no pulsing. Verified I’m on the correct wire for light as I put the old remote assy back in and light works fine. They are less than 7ft apart.

Did you check for constant 120V? Either 2 things happen, it connects to the switch OR the lights start “breathing” or pulsing. Are the lights on in the new fan?

I have 120v as long as the switch is installed, if I remove the switch I get 0v. Bulbs are installed, confirmed working as I installed the old remote and everything works fine.

Just tried in another fan location and still nothing. I’ll submit a ticket. Man, that is 2 devices that died in 1 week but you guys are taking care it and that is why I like these.