LZW36 Fan/Light Switch Custom LED Colors

Just got my first combo switch (of 6) installed and going through the driver to make my adjustments. Is there not the ability to set custom LED colors or am I just overlooking it? All of the rest of my Inovelli switches throughout the house are set at a custom color, so I’d like to at least set the light side of the switch to that same custom color (for consistency purposes).

I could always just make the rest of my switches basic green, but I rather like my toned down green color =)

Is this what you’re looking for (in the parent switch device settings)???

I’d be great to enter a custom color code rather than choosing from the drop down. This would be nice for the switches/dimmers/fan&Light.

This site is great at choosing your exact color.

No, this parameter is what I’m after (from one of my red series dimmer switches).


Anyone ever figure out how to do this? I was trying to set all my switches to orange like the advertising and the basic colors don’t look that good

Yes I figured it out. Create the child LED device for each switch. Then from within that child LED, you can configure a custom LED color.