LZW36 Fan/Light Switch Driver Question

Just curious about a possible addition to the driver and related to the module. Obviously the switch does all the communication with the hub but how much communication is done with the module? It tells the module what to do but is it bi-directional at all?

The reason I ask is because, while yes I am one of the people stuck with the canopy module issue, it seems like the switch just ASSUMES the module is doing what it was asked and reporting it as such. If it does not turn on the fan for instance (for WHATEVER reason) after you told it to turn on… it still reports the fan to the hub as on. To me, this is not the greatest thing. Most drivers (not all by any means, but most) seem to wait to actually set any status or send any event until they get a response from the controlled device with what that event/status/state is. So if you tell a switch on… the driver does not tell the hub it was on (usually) until it gets a response from the switch saying it is on.

Is the canopy module a transceiver and this could be accomplished or is the canopy module just a receiver and so it has no way of telling the switch anything (and thus the switch has no way to be told it failed or just recognize that no valid status arrived in a reasonable timeframe)?

If the canopy module is not a transceiver… maybe this is something to think about for the LZW36 2.0 (and any future switch/module combos Inovelli might be working on/thinking of).

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