LZW36 fan/light switch traveller

My fan has 2 switches that can turn it on or off with a red traveller between it. Ho do I wire the inovelli switch to be compatible with it. I have one switch now. I want some help on the 2 way wiring. Can this be done ?

Let me make sure I understand you right:
You have a 3-way switch (that’s the term- the three ‘ways’ are the two switches and the fixture), so either switch position can turn the fan on/off. Correct?
What about the light fixture? Does it have a switch or does it come on with the fan?

Yes. 3 way switch. 2 switches control the fan. And the light comes on each time power is recycled. The remote turns of the light and the fan individually. The switch just turns them on or off together. We try not to use the switchs since the light come on bright when the power is recycled.

For this setup, you definitely can use the LZW36. For the second switch location you might be able to pair another Inovelli switch with a Z-Wave association, but I don’t know how associating TO a LZW36 will work. I believe that will turn on both light and fan at once from the 2nd location.

//edit: actually check out this post by EricM. Apparently you can add a second LZW36 and associate it to the first LZW36. That should give you what you want- 3way control of both light and fan. You’d only use the canopy module from one unit though.


It really depends upon how your 3-way is wired now. You need a constant hot and neutral in the box the LZW36 is going into and if you are going to add another Inovelli, that box will also need a constant hot and power. In a typical 3-way, both switch boxes don’t have a constant hot, but that’s not to say that you can’t use another hot that may be in the same box or possibly route it there via the 3-wire.

Do you know your current 3-way schema or do we need to diagnose?

I havent opened the other switch box to digure out of ot has a hot. But it does have another light switch at that location. So I could potentially pull hot to the other location if needed. Now can I do the associations on smartthings. We likely will never use the switch to actually turn anything on. Likely use alexa forever. But I want to keep things done correctly so when I sell the house it works like it should. Thanks for thr replies.

Both switches wired the same way.

The black wire is the load wire and the 2 red ones on the bottom seem hot on my voltage detector.

I typically see the curly cue (red circling) one being the load. Not to say that’s always the case.

Need to see inside the box. A few wires coming from ? doesn’t help much.

How did you come to the conclusion that the black is the Load?

I have a voltage indicator. And there is no current passing when off and current passes when I turn the switch on.