LZW36 Fan only works on high speed

For the last couple of months, the fan portion of the switch only works if the fan speed is set above 67% and then it spins at full speed. I used to be able to adjust the fan speed at multiple levels. The fan is a Hampton Bay fan and it has a 10-speed control, previously I was able to adjust it all the way down to 5%. The light portion of the switch seems unaffected at this time.

Has anyone experienced anything similar to this? the original remote that came with the fan had 10 fan speed settings so I know the fan is able to spin at lower speeds, also I used to be able to use the lower speeds. I am using ZwaveJS with an Aeotec Zstick5 as the controller if that’s of any help.

Thank You

Do you have the fan model? 10 speed makes me think this would be a DC fan which isn’t supposed to be supported by the LZW36. Typically I’ve just seen 3 speeds or a 4th ‘breeze’ option on AC fans.

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My mistake is it’s a 6-Speed Harbor Breeze Saratoga (Model: 60STG). Also, you are right it does have a DC motor, not sure why it still works at high speeds and used to work at all speeds if it’s not supported.

Yea unfortunately the canopy is only rated for AC motors and has only 3 speeds. I’m not sure why your fan worked before, but you may want to remove it before it damages the motor (may be fine, not a engineer). Sometimes things just work. Other times you have a non neutral dimmer that keeps things illuminated. :man_shrugging:t2:

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