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LZW36 Fan + Switch Hubitat Child Driver

I have updated the driver to use the built in “Hampton Bay Fan Component” driver for the fan child device. I was going to ask Hubitat to implement a “Fan Component” driver but found this one while poking around and it seems to work well. If you have included the device already before updating the driver to today’s version you can:

  1. Update the main LZW36 driver in Hubitat. You can use the Hubitat Package Manager to do this or use the “Import” button from inside the page that displays the driver code.
  2. Select the Fan child device and change it’s driver to the Hampton Bay one.

When I did this is when my issues seemed to start. Might be a coincidence. Is where I have tried to explain @EricM_Inovelli.

The main LZW36 driver remains the Inovelli one and only the child devices use the Hampton Bay ones?


This page needs to be updated. Says driver coming soon.

I think that made it worse. Now after a breaker flip to reconnect only a couple button presses causes a disconnect. Before it would take quite a while. Doesn’t look like I can change back to the Inovelli child devices either.

Change the child device driver to the generic component dimmer. This has worked for me at least better than the Hampton bay driver

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I’ll give that a try.

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Done, thanks for the heads up!

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One minor bug:

When turning the fan on or off from the physical switch, the “speed” state in the child device is not updated, only the “switch” state. Since the Dashboard tile relies on that attribute, it doesn’t reflect the state of the fan. Sending a digital on/off to the child device does toggle both attributes.