LZW36 + "Halo" LED Ring Can Light

So I have a challenge. In my sons room I have these “halo” lights for nightlight:


The way they work is you turn them on and they are in day mode, then once turned off the next time they turn on they are in night mode. I like them a lot since they give a nice low ring of light at night for the kiddos.

I’d like to have his Inovelli LZW36 Fan + Light device when hit change from day mode to night mode instead of ever being off, so when switch one is pushed it does 2 things:
Turn Off
Turn On

Is this possible locally? Could it be implemented via firmware (Always On mode or something)?

Edit: I could also set up an automation IF off THEN turn on I guess? I have WebCore/ST/ABC SmartApp, so pretty flexible on solution for the fastest timing.

I know it’s an oddball request, but I really do like the current setup I have, it’s just annoying to have to on wait off wait on to get to the right mode.

Do you have this wired to the fan module light wire somehow?

When I first set up my son’s smart switch in his room, i played a little prank on him that whenever he would turn on the light, it would turn it back off. I think i just used smart lighting and set the action to turn off on the trigger turned on.

I think you could do the inverse for the child light device of the LZW36. Trigger on whenever it turns off, turn on. Of course that is if they are wired to the fan module light wire somehow.

Yes, this light is definitely wired to the fan module. Ok I think that makes sense for now! Will test and report back!


@Eric_Inovelli Ilumin 2.0 Bulbs? Maybe in color?

If they did RGB for the downlight and CCT (temp selectable) for the ring, I’d buy 20 in a heartbeat.

Just think of all the options…halo ring RGBW, bulb RGBW…700 series Z wave (or Zigbee 3.0 :frowning: )but the options would be incredible. I’d definitely think about swapping out all my cans…

They are amazing at night. No one that I can tell offers one in RGB, so my cans are all sylvania (work great!).

Agree though.

Warning - the fan switch doesn’t have a relay - power is always flowing through it. The can lights would need to be on a different smart switch to try to do something like turn on/off when the fan light switch is triggered

Mine are wired in parallel with the light wire from the fan hub, not the switch. Noted though.

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