LZW36 Hub Disconnect

Hi all,

Sorry if this has been answered but I searched and didn’t see a thread on this point.

A few days ago my LZW36 just stopped responding to hub commands. I rebooted the hub, no joy. I then pulled airgap, no joy. So I tried exclusion mode on the hub, no joy. Nothing allowed the LZW36 to talk to my Habitat. I’ve had this device since essentially pre-order with no issues.

Now, the buttons still control the canopy module so that’s great. But I prefer to be in the future.

So I force removed the LZW36 and rebooted the hub and factory reset the switch. Well now I’m inclusion mode the hub can’t see it.

Any thoughts from the family here? Thanks in advance.

Have you had a device die in between the switch and the hub that it was previously using to make the connection? You could try temporarily moving the 2 closer together to get it to pair, then moving it back and repairing your network. When I need to do something like this I take an old PC power cord with the female end cut off. That exposes a power, neutral and ground wire. Great for “portable” power sources to wire a switch right near the hub.

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Thank you! I wasn’t even thinking about that. Yes I had a GE switch fail on the day I last had activity. I might shift the hub slightly today and try.

Before doing anything extreme, run a network repair first. Zwave does not auto heal so every device that was using that GE switch as a path to the hub will have issues if they don’t have alternate paths.

I moved the hub to the next room over and was able to exclude then include. Moved it back and then did a repair. All seems great, totally didn’t think about the network. Duh