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LZW36 Issues - Inclusion with Qolsys (IQPanel 2) Help Needed

Model: LZW36
Neutral Used
Single Pole
Automation Hub: IQPanel 2 (Qolsys)

Sorry for my ignorance but I am a newbie here with a little very basic Z-Wave knowledge. I waited for this switch for months and very excited to finally be able to get one.
My installation went smooth. The fan works fine from the switch via (RF) and the light was seamless integrated with Qolsys panel via Z-Wave.
I was hoping to see two switches in my Qolsys panel, One for the light with dimmer sliding bar and one for the fan. Unfortunately this was not the case as I only see the light switch with the sliding bar and the fan lights (2 light bulbs) switch does not turns the fan lights off.

So I have two issues that I hope the community can help me to resolve (if possible).

  1. How and where adjust the dimmer sliding bar, to ensure the fan lights goes off completed, when either I selected 0% or press the off button (icon).
  2. In order to show the fan switch I believe I need to modify the multi-level default value but I don’t where in my Qolsys panel as the my options are limited. (see picture)

My goal if I make this one to work to replace all the switches from the fans with LZW36 (8 fan switches). So any help will be much appreciated.


hey @jovisanr. I knew I kept forgetting to test this on a panel.

I have the IQ2 panel on my desk. I’ll test this out Monday and let you know what I find out.

Thanks Nathan, I will wait for your test results…

We ended up having to run out of town. I’ll get you this update shortly.

I have an update…
After multiple tries I was able to make it work with limitations as in the Qolsys Panel 2+. Finally I was able to see two switches; one for light and one for the fan. However, in the app and site, I only seeing the parent switch (Lights Only). I guess this is a limitation because doesn’t support advance settings.
My happiness last for a day because the following day the switch stop working, lost the communication with the canopy module and z-wave Qolsys panel, After the I pulled the Air Gap the switch start working again. The lost of communication it appears as a common issue as I seeing multiple posting experiencing the comm. issue.
Please advise how to fix it. If a firmware needs to be updated please let me know how I can upgrade the firmware if I only using the Qolsys panel 2+ and hub.


This morning the switch stop responding again, lost the communication with the canopy module and z-wave Qolsys panel. It appears that during the night or after a long period of idle time without any command the switch goes to sleep and stop responding. I pulled the Air Gap once and the switch started working again.
Do you have the opportunity to run your tests? any luck?

Nathan, I haven’t heard from you. Did you have any luck?