LZW36 LED Bulb does not turn off completely

I have a Fanimation AireDrop fan with an integrated light kit that stays very dimly lit when the switch is “off”. I noticed that there is still 1W of power being shown in the “off” state, is this expected? Anyone else with a light kit notice anything similar?

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Same issue here using a Hunter Regalia II.
It has 3 6.5w led E26 bulbs.

It’s very very dim, only noticable in a dark room (like when I’m trying to sleep)

I had this issue with my HomeDepot fan that had a 9w LED bulb (most likely not dimmable)

Swapped it out for a GE 8.5 watt Dimmable Relax bulb and the issue went away.

Yeah it seems it depends on the bulb, unfortunately my fan doesn’t use standard bulbs, but what is called a “light engine”. I seem to be more limited in my options.

Yeah I have the same issue with my Fanimation fan as well. and since its an integrated LED module theres no way to replace the bulb.

So I haven’t been able to find any other bulbs that might be able to fit, I ordered one from Amazon to try but I didn’t realize it had 4 screw holes and not 3.

I did buy these Aeotec bypasses and installed one, and it is working. Not sure if I can post a link:

The light is completely off now. Unfortunately it’s another ~15 per fan for this bypass, but I don’t see any other way.

You’ll need to strip both connections for the light, the one attached to the fan, and to the light itself and connect the bypass there. I bought these to make the connection easier but they are kinda annoying to use:
I’ll add a picture later.

I was thinking that a bypass might solve this issue. But for others, can you clarify how you wired it?

I believe it should go between the switched lead to the light and the neutral. You posted “the one attached to the fan” as one of the connections.

I knew when I wrote it, it was probably not clear. Here are some pictures, hope they make sense:
These are the wires coming from the fan housing for the light:

And here they are connected to the light kit itself:

Hope this helps.

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Yep, thanks. So for those trying the bypass it goes between the neutral and the switched hot lead for the light (which is typically but not always the BLUE lead).

I can draw a diagram up and put it in the KB for future reference – can you give me a quick sketch for reference?

Thanks @markruppel for posting!

@Eric_Inovelli Yep. I’ll PM it.


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I’m having a ton of issues with my installation, but I’m trying to go after the low hanging fruit first. My bulb doesn’t stay on, but it flashes rapidly when I set it to off. I’m guessing it’s probably caused by the same thing (the control leaks a small amount of current when off).

The good news is that my fan uses a single standard bulb, so I probably have more options than some of you. So, has anyone found an LED bulb that works ok? I’m thinking a soft white in a 75w or 100w equivalent since with the dimmer I no longer have to worry about it being too bright.

I swapped out mine to GE Relax 4-Pack 60 W Equivalent… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HDJGFN2?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

Ok, I’m an idiot. I have two boxes of Ecosmart bulbs from HD. The 40w ones are dimmable but the 60w aren’t. I popped in one of the 40w ones now and it works fine. I don’t know why I bought non-dimmable since I have dimmers everywhere, but now I’m going to get some higher wattage dimmable ones and I expect they’ll be fine also.