LZW36 LED parameters not all functioning

f/w 1.34
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Using the Z-Wave page on the device to send parameter changes, but Intensity (19 or 21) does not seem to be working, nor does Intensity When Off (22 or 23). Setting the color works, though it is documented as being 2 bytes, which seems odd. Setting the intensity using LED Strip Effect (24 or 25) does work.

Also, what does Intensity When Off mean when the relay is disassociated from the switch?

I see the issue. I had sent an LED Strip Effect, which then masks any other change until it is dismissed/disabled. This exposes a couple other issues that could be considered bugs, or just lack of configurability:

An LED Strip Effect (Notification) does not survive a power failure.

When the relay is “disabled”, changing its state programmatically still generates the on/off transition LED effect. Does not appear to be any way to disable this, other than always enabling an LED Strip Effect. To revert back to using the on/off transition LED effect one must program a Cleared Effect for a duration of 1 second. Is all of that the intent, or are there additional configuration options above #30 that could be used?

Relay on/off also changes the LED intensity based on the Params, but that at least can be fixed.

Tagging @EricM_Inovelli for visibility. Tagging this as a bug until further notice.

This is the intended behavior as a “reboot” will set the device to its default state.

Do you mean if you set the level from the controller it still shows the LED bar transitioning and then goes back to the notification? To clear the notification you can hold the level button and double press the on/off button. Also, sending a 0 to the LED effect parameter will turn it off.