LZW36 - No Control of Lights or Fan

I just installed my third LZW36, the first two work great and I followed the same procedure on the third, however the switch doesn’t control the fan or the lights, it’s like it isn’t communicating to the receiver module in installed above the fan. It worked fine for the first moments after installing it, but later in the day when I came back, it worked to turn on the lights/fan, but it wouldn’t turn them off. From that point on, I can’t get it to do anything at all. The switch still acts appropriately when controlled locally or from SmartThings, but the lights/fan don’t respond. I have tried pulling the airgap switch, resetting both the z-wave and the receiver module to factory settings, and have cut power at the breaker, with no success. When I turn the power back on, the overhead lights pulse (fan module in pairing mode) and when I pair the switch, the led switch indicator lights pulse and turn green (pairing successful?), however the overhead lights continue to pulse for the full two minutes (is that expected?).

Any ideas, or is this one just defective?

Make sure you are pairing the switch to the canopy module (using the fan level up hold while hitting fan button 3 times, should glow cyan), and not the z-wave pairing (via light level up hold/ button 3 times).

Sounds like the canopy and switch aren’t pairing.

What firmware are you on? There was an issue with the original firmware that made connections over a longer span fail every few hours.

Yes, I am pairing the canopy module using the fan button and fan level up button. The LEDs on the switch even turn green, which I’m guessing means that the pairing is successful. However, I find it strange that the overhead lights keep pulsing like nothing happened, for the full two minutes that the canopy pairing is active.

I am on the latest firmware (1.36 beta). I am on this firmware with my other two switches that have been working perfectly. :-/

Yeah if the switch is blinking green but the lights keep pulsing then it’s not making the connection. I’ve not experienced that.

I had similar symptoms when the switch & the canopy module were too far apart. One of them I fixed by leaving the antenna wire sticking out of the canopy. The other one I had to move the switch to a different (closer) place in the room.

It’s a pretty small room, so I don’t think that distance is an issue. I also pulled the canopy cover down so that the antennae was completely exposed and it didn’t make a difference.

I received another one that I was going to put in another room and decided to swap it out and it works perfectly. Must be a defective unit, so I’m sending it back.