LZW36 NOT remembering to protect light

So I have a few Z-wave bulbs in my fan, so I turned on “Local Protection” but every once in a wile (more often then not) when I hit the light switch, the power to the bulbs get pulled. and I can see the bar fade! I check the setting once again, and make sure that local protection is set. and it shows in my HE that it is. but the only way to get it to work again, is by turning the setting off to “none” and then set it back to light

these LZW36’s have been nothing but frustration for me. I have the most recent FW 1.36 on them, but no go.

I am not sure of the scenario, if it was a Z-wave repair that could have been done before I found out, or not. but either way, it keeps on forgetting the settings!

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Dumb question, but could you check the wires in the back of the switch? Make sure their under the tab and screwed down tight.

Yes, I have checked. and re-checked.

Have you ever set the local protection from the switch itself (with the light up/down + 8x press of the light button) or has it always been through Hubitat?

No… only from the HE… next time I’ll do it from the switch like you said. I wonder if it was a driver update in between. Idk hard to tell…